Mental Health,
Emotional Support,
AI Growth Coach
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NawaCares App Interface
NawaCares App Interface

Everything is designed for
the well-being of your mental health.

Advanced AI is on standby 24/7, always ready to listen and face the various challenges of life together with you.


Anytime, Anywhere

Chat anytime


Get your daily inspiration

Visual cards

Visual cards - OH Cards System

3Styles to choose


Learning & Counseling

Navigate life's challenges and uncover potential with with you AI life companion!

AI Journaling experience


Intelligent Analysis

Delve into self-discovery and gain valuable personal growth insights from your data.

Improve various aspects of your
life, within a personalized

Privacy & Security

Data excluded from AI training, your journey to better mental health is worry-free.

We take pride in helping our users
achieve mental well-being.

Our vision: Accessible AI mental health services for all, without the financial burden.

Caroln416, 06/12/2024

Pleasantly Surprised!

First app I try of this kind and I was blown away and pleasantly surprised by features and details I didn’t expect to come across that make this app feel very full. I love the imagery reflections, reminds me of Tarot which I thought was a very interesting touch and a great way to dive deeper into the psyche for visual people like myself. I love the summary and insights given after conversations and how it intuitively leads to creating actionable plans which is very helpful for people like myself to organize many thoughts and build in a simple and less overwhelming way more intentionality and structure in my life which I really appreciate. The character badges are a nice touch as well, seeing your positive traits being recognized is very encouraging. I love the flow of everything ...

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What is NawaCares app?

Get advice, craft plans, shift perspectives, and access life coaching services—all in one place with your personal AI, Nawa!

NawaCares app is an chat-based AI mood companion app designed to support your journey towards better mental health. It also offers a suite of features including Daily Journaling, Personal Growth Analysis, and Smart Tools for Positive Mindset.

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